Serving the community since 1975

About Us

The Ensign is based in East London, Tower Hamlets, ranked one of the most socially deprived boroughs in the UK in spite of bordering The City, and home to Docklands that is filled with skyscrapers and global businesses.
The centre has a two-fold history. Firstly, its short life at the famous Cable Street, and later in the late 80’s its successful re-location to Wellclose Square.

1975 - 1985

Formerly Ensign Youth Club, the centre was first established in 1975, and located on Cable Street, however it was not until 1976 that the centre was registered with the Charities Commission. The centre operated here for nearly 10 years, keeping youths off the streets by providing a range of youth focused services and projects. Most of the time, locals from Wapping and Shadwell areas would attend as public transportation was not as advanced as today. From the very outset, the centre provided a safe and secure place where children and youngsters could interact with each other socially, and at the same time encouraged togetherness that developed mutual respect.
The main recreational activities revolved round school holidays in the form of outdoor and day trips activities to zoos, water sports, theme parks, museums, live entertainment, parks, as well as structured residential outings that grew their self-confidence and independence. The centre also hosted in-door activities such as board games, football, arts and craft, educational discussions and skills development training, and much more.

1986 – present

The new centre opened in 1986. It was a purpose-built modern centre with two main function halls. The first hall is equipped with a climbing wall and a badminton court with access to the garden through french doors. The second hall is smaller and is frequently used for a number of recreational activities for young people as well as meetings.
The centre today continues with the same tradition it started with: serving young people with creative activities within the confines of a safe and secure place, supervised by qualified Youth Workers. These activities support social inclusion and are delivered by working with the local authority and partnership with other organisations. The centre hosts ‘Girls Only’, as well as in mixed group sessions, which try to tap into the energy of young people with the aim of turning it into creative development and practical life skills.